Bangkok Food Delivery

Bangkok Food Delivery

With over a year living in the “new normal”, it’s safe to say that general eating habits have changed. In cities throughout the world, people are eating out less. Instead, they depend more on food delivery. It’s no different in Bangkok. But there’s more than “meals on wheels” available! Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok is proud to present their Bangkok food delivery offerings. Called the Healthy Eating Collection, it offers comfort food with a healthy spin. Most importantly, all recipes have been vetted by the medical experts and dietician at BDMS Wellness Clinic. Therefore, you can choose from a selection of sweet and savory options. What’s more, all items are dairy-free and gluten-free, too!



Your healthy Bangkok food delivery option

It’s time to expand your horizons about the latest Bangkok food delivery options. When the cravings hit, give the Healthy Eating Collection dishes a try! Created as delicious dishes, they prove flavour and health benefits can go together. The secret? Thoughtful ingredient choices and ‘swaps’ that are great for your well-being, while still being fun to eat. Superfood ingredients featuring avocado, salmon, turmeric and nuts. Thus, your next meal is confirmed to be brimming with goodness.

Some ideas to get your appetite up for your next meal:

  • Chicken & almond milk green curry, steamed riceberry: The classic curry without coconut milk! Almond milk gives it a lighter flavour. The Thai herbs used in this curry like turmeric are high in antioxidants. They also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vegetable lasagne, tomato & pepper ragout: Classic Italian comfort goes green! This vegan dish uses vegetables instead of pasta. Did you know: Glutathione is an important antioxidant produced by our bodies. However, eating the proper vegetables can boost this and keep your energy levels high!
  • Craft juices: Drink the rainbow with cold-pressed craft juices. These flavourful refreshments can help up your daily vitamin and mineral intake.

Dishes for specific dietary needs

In a city that loves food, it’s already challenging to have dietary restrictions or sensitivities. Therefore, lactose intolerance and gluten allergies are more prevalent. These definitely impact one’s culinary enjoyment! But it doesn’t mean restricting yourself forever. While the entire Healthy Eating Collection is gluten- and dairy-free, a special spotlight can be shone on its desserts. Here are two desserts you can order via Bangkok food delivery for a delicious time.

  • Exotic sago delight: Its charming design is full of flavour! A low-sugar dark chocolate ‘coconut shell’ encases a sago pudding. At its center is a pineapple and passion fruit filling. This dessert is rich in vitamins and full of antioxidants.
  • Soft cacao mousse: Did you know that cacao powder contains polyphenols? These can can help reduce blood pressure. Moreover, this is a choco-tastic treat that’s also good for you.

The team is continuously developing new dishes, so stay tuned for future appearances of your next favourite item!

To all the hungry people out there, don’t hesitate! Be sure to make your next Bangkok food delivery order a dish from the Healthy Eating Collection! Order via the official website or add the official LINE account at @movenpickbdms.





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