best hotel for quarantine in Bangkok.

Best hotel for quarantine in Bangkok

Remarks: From 6th May 2021 onwards, the 14 days duration will apply to all arrivals, with three Covid-19 (SARS-COV-2 RT-PCR) tests. As per the latest Thai government announcement, garden walk access has been cancelled from 1st May onwards and all guests will not be able to leave their room throughout the duration of their stay. As of 1st July onwards, all ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) hotels will be called AQ (Alternative Quarantine) hotels.

It’s a given. Returning to Thailand from overseas now means an extended 14 days quarantine stay is necessary. With that in mind, it’s important to select the best hotel for quarantine in Bangkok. But fear not, this extended stay can turn into a positive experience for the guest with the right preparation.


Back in the day, you normally wouldn’t spend too long in your hotel room, regardless if you were travelling for work or for pleasure. There would always be things to do and places to be. Your hotel room would most be a place to rest and get ready for the next day. This is not the case when you’re in a quarantine situation! So, it makes sense that the selection process now needs to be a bit different. Things that could be glossed over become more important. In general, these factors can be summed up as below:

  • Space & access to fresh air: How much space do you actually need to feel at ease? For families with young children, this is an especially important question. Connecting rooms or spacious suites become interesting options to keep in mind.
  • Amenities & creature comforts: High-speed wifi and smart TVs are some of the things that can make a stay fly by. Well-planned rooms and comfortable furniture is also something that can make or break a stay.
  • Culinary experience: Food is more than just fuel! All ASQ hotel packages offer full-board, which means three daily meals. Guests who are picky eaters or have special dietary needs should make sure their requirements can be catered to.

But one hotel is able to fulfill these needs: Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok.



Why should Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok be on your list for best hotel for quarantine in Bangkok? As the first ASQ hotel in Bangkok since April 2020, its team has ample experience in creating a smooth ASQ experience for all guests. Space is its strength, with the entry-level Superior room already 42 sqm. in size and the ever-popular Wellness Suite a generous 74 sqm. For those who truly need room to unwind, the Presidential and Royal Suite are both 164 sqm. in size. Furthermore, all rooms and suites come with their own private balconies, which can be accessed from day 1 of arrival. The next highlight is the lush tropical garden that spans over 1.5 acres of greenery. Food also becomes a highlight of the day for ASQ guests. Guests can choose from a Western and Asian option for every meal and the culinary team at Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok is here to whip up thrice daily meals to delight and nourish.

Things to keep in mind

Before you can even get back to enjoy the best hotel for quarantine in Bangkok, you’ll need to get all your ducks in order. Ensuring all your paperwork is accurate, up-to-date and complete is one of the greatest hurdles, especially considering the ever-changing rules and regulations. Always double-check the news and don’t let yourself be caught off-guard. Having multiple copies printed out and available as soft-copy as well is a smart idea.

Some basic steps (for foreigners):

  • Proof of Covid-19 insurance (valued at USD 100,000)
  • Certificate of Entry (COE, issued from your embassy)
  • Declaration form
  • Relevant (tourist) visa & next leg plane tickets
  • Results of Covid-19 test (within the last 72 hours)
  • T8 immigration form

What to do when you’re here

If you’re free from work obligations, this best hotel for quarantine in Bangkok is ready to provide an extended holiday experience. Use this time to experiment with starting new hobbies or learning new things. Guests can enjoy a variety of amenities to make their ASQ life more pleasant. Prior to your arrival, you can also book extra items to improve your stay such as exercise equipment, a microwave or capsule coffee machine at pocket-friendly prices. Other ideas can include:

  • Reading up on over 7,000 magazines and newspapers via the Pressreader application. It can be accessed by logging onto the hotel’s wifi.
  • Nature-watching in the hotel’s garden. Home to over 50 species of plants and trees that are over 100 years old, the garden is brimming with life! Guests love spotting frolicking squirrels and colorful birds flitting about.
  • Shopping in the comfort of your guest room. The hotel has partnered with Siam Paragon with the “Chat & Shop” service, accessible via QR code. All items have been vetted as being ASQ-appropriate and same-day delivery is also possible.

ASQ rules & regulations

Even the best hotel for quarantine in Bangkok has to adhere to the rules set by the Thai government. Generally, they involved everyone’s understanding that one is to stay in one’s rooms for the whole duration of the quarantine. Exceptions are leaving the room to receive the Covid-19 tests. Additional charges for hospital stays or services beyond the package offerings may also apply.

Certain delivery items from outside are allowed. For safety reasons, hotel staff will have to check all packages before receiving them.

Do note that these items are forbidden during your ASQ stay:

  • Uncooked food e.g. raw eggs, raw fish or meat (fruit & vegetables allowed, excluding durian).
  • Food without FDA label.
  • Drugs, narcotics and all alcoholic beverages.
  • Antipyretics/Fever-reducing medicine (ยาลดไข้)
  • Restricted items such as knives, cutter blades or firearms/guns.

Starting from 1st April 2021: Food from food delivery services such as Grab, LINEMAN, Foodpanda and related is allowed, except for sushi/sashimi & fermented fish (pla ra). Home-cooked food may be delivered in person from relatives who are required to sign a release form.

If you consider all the above, it’s completely doable to create a pleasant ASQ stay for yourself when you choose the best hotel for quarantine in Bangkok.

Your AQ Stay Booking

Terms & conditions

This Alternative State Quarantine hotel package is subject to government established regulations for the 14 days health observation for all arrivals to the Kingdom of Thailand, inclusive the seclusion in the room during the entire stay. Additional charges for hospital stays or services beyond the package offerings may apply.

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