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Protein Smoothies Promotion

From 13/08/2021 until 31/12/2021

Boost your body with these nourishing additions to your daily routine, available in 4 fantastic dairy-free flavours created with APP Fast by RoyalLife Compounding Pharmacy– a high quality plant protein made from 4 plant extracts with essential amino acids, beta glucan, prebiotics, 13 vitamins & more. Read on to learn more about this protein smoothies promotion!

Pick your perfect protein smoothie:

  • Morning Call (120 kcal): It’s a pick-me-up with smooth flavours of almond milk and Mövenpick coffee.
  • Vanilla Wild Berry (229 kcal): Be berry and bright! Strawberry and blueberry are perfectly blended with soy milk.
  • Choco Lover (242 kcal): Chocolate fans will truly go bananas! Quality cocoa meets bananas, coconut milk and soy milk.
  • Tropical Sunshine (193 kcal): An irresistible experience. Tropical mango and pineapple with fiber-rich spinach and almond milk.

Why drink protein smoothies?

Protein smoothies are a great choice to supplement your fitness goals. Fitness fans drink them either before or after a work-out. The general goal is to aid in muscle recovery and development. Depending on the recipe used, they can help in weight-control or in purposefully bulking up. Beyond fitness, protein smoothies are also handy meal replacements for people on the go (if the calories are enough). They are a popular snack option, and are an easy way to help increase your protein intake beyond what you eat in your meals.

More about APP Fast by RoyalLife Compounding Pharmacy

APP Fast’s base flavour is vanilla, making it easily blendable with your favourite additional ingredients. Each sachet contains only 50 kcal. It is lactose- and fat-free and contains no trans fat, with no added sugars and no cholesterol. With 8g of complete plant protein, it’s easy to digest. Once absorbed, it works to improve and revitalize muscle function. Also: It’s well-suited for people who are allergic to whey protein products.

Its active ingredients are as follows:

  • Isolated soy protein, oat powder, brown rice protein, pea protein, fructooligosaccharide powder, seaweed calcium powder, premixed vitamins, oat beta glucan 35%.

In short, APP Fast is suitable for all ages! So drop by Rim Klong Café today to try this protein smoothies promotion to take home today.

Rim Klong Café is open daily from 9 am – 6 pm on the weekdays and from 8 am – 6 pm on the weekend. Limited parking is available.


Included in this offer:

  • Dairy-free goodness
Offer Terms & Conditions

Food allergy note: Product may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, soy & seaweed extract.

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