Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok

Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok

Your wellness oasis in the heart of Bangkok

Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok was the pioneering property that started the current ASQ hotel concept. With Bangkok Hospital as its official medical partner, guests can count on care from experienced medical professionals once they return to Bangkok, Thailand.

With the new normal of Covid-19 era travel firmly in place, returning to Bangkok has a few more steps than it used to. Whether you are a Thai national or from a different country, everyone is united by one common rule. Everyone has to complete a mandatory quarantine period as they return to Thailand. So, how much will this cost and what is included? Read on to understand  the next steps in finding the best quarantine hotel in Bangkok for you.

Remarks:  As of 1st July 2021, all ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) properties will now be known as AQ (Alternative Quarantine) properties.  As of 1st November, all fully-vaccinated travellers from eligible countries arriving in Bangkok are eligible for a 1 day quarantine stay. Other fully vaccinated travellers can book a 7 days Blue zone Sandbox package. Finally, unvaccinated or travellers who don’t fit the previous two categories must still complete a 10 day AQ stay.


How much does a quarantine hotel stay cost? And, what is included in the stay?

Test & GO (1 Day prices)

Room only (incl. 1 Covid-19 test/person) // Room + 1 meal (incl. 1 Covid-19 test/person)

  • Superior Room: THB 6,300 net (single occupancy) // THB 6,700 net (single occupancy)
  • Deluxe Room: THB 6,700 net (single occupancy) // THB 7,100 net (single occupancy)
  • Executive Suite: THB 8,200 net (single occupancy) // THB 8,600 net (single occupancy)
  • Wellness Suite: THB 10,200 net (single occupancy) // THB 10,600 net (single occupancy)
  • Wellness Sleep Suite: THB 12,700 net (single occupancy) // THB 13,100 net (single occupancy)


  • Second person fee: THB 4,300 net/person/day // THB 4,700 net/person/day
  • Third person fee with extra bed: THB 5,300 net/person/day // THB 5,700 net/person/day
  • Child under 12 years old, sharing existing bedding: THB 4,300 net/child/day // THB 4,700 net/child/day
  • Child under 1 year old, sharing existing bedding: THB 3,150 net/child/day // THB 3,150 net/child/day

Blue Zone | Sandbox (7 Day prices)

Room only (incl. 1 Covid-19 test/person) // Room + 1 meal (incl. 1 Covid-19 test/person)

  • Superior Room: THB 21,500 net (single occupancy) // THB 24,000 net (single occupancy)
  • Deluxe Room: THB 24,300 net (single occupancy) // THB 30,500 net (single occupancy)
  • Executive Suite: THB 34,500 net (single occupancy) // THB 42,000 net (single occupancy)
  • Wellness Suite: THB 48,500 net (single occupancy) // THB 58,500 net (single occupancy)
  • Wellness Sleep Suite: THB 66,000 net (single occupancy) // THB 77,600 net (single occupancy)


  • Second person fee: THB 4,300 net/person/day // THB 7,100 net/person/day
  • Third person fee with extra bed: THB 5,300 net/person/day // THB 8,100 net/person/day
  • Child under 12 years old, sharing existing bedding: THB 4,300 net/child/day // THB 7,100 net/child/day
  • Child under 1 year old, sharing existing bedding: THB 3,150 net/child/day // THB 3,150 net/child/day

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Quarantine hotel in Bangkok: A summary

Not every hotel can suddenly decide to be a quarantine hotel in Thailand. Official accreditation follows stringent inspections and adherence to protocols as set forth by the Ministry of Public Health and concerned authorities. These protocols cover the safest way to operate that protects both hotel staff and guests. It also requires every hotel to partner with a hospital, which then manages the Covid-19 tests that are conducted on-site, as well as the remaining healthcare support and monitoring. Only when all of these elements pass muster can a hotel, resort or service apartment be approved.

Exploring your options

Before you book your quarantine hotel in Bangkok, you must be well-prepared. Both foreign nationals or Thais can choose their accommodation at their Alternative Quarantine of choice. These hotels, resorts or serviced apartments located in Bangkok and beyond have been approved to host guests during their mandatory quarantine period. They are also known as AQ properties.

10 Days prices (for foreign nationals)

  • Superior Room (single occupancy) : THB 55,000 net
  • Deluxe Room (single occupancy) : THB 60,000 net
  • Executive Suite (single occupancy): THB 67,000 net
  • Wellness Suite (single occupancy) : THB 80,000 net
  • Wellness Sleep Suite (single occupancy): THB 85,000 net
  • Presidential Suite or Royal Suite (single occupancy) : THB 190,000 net

Remark:  These quarantine hotel prices are valid for arrivals from 1st November until 31st December 2021.

These Quarantine hotel in Bangkok packages cover all key elements needed during an ASQ stay. While guests can choose which room type they prefer or which fits their budget, the following items are already included:

  • One-way transport from either Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang airport to the hotel.
  • Applicable amount of Covid-19 SARS-COV-2 RT-PCR tests conducted at the hotel. Additional costs for extra tests may apply.
  • Daily health monitoring with 24-hours nurse supervision from Bangkok Hospital. Telemedicine consultation with doctors available.
  • Complimentary supplements to boost the immune system.
  • Full board is provided, which means three daily meals made fresh from our kitchens. Guests can choose from two options per meal.
  • Free high-speed WiFi.
  • Kettle, instant coffee and tea.

Starting the booking process today for your ASQ Hotel Hotel in Bangkok

Remark: According to the latest July policy from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. a non-refundable initial deposit of 50% of your AQ package  is required at the time of making your reservation. This will be a new requirement for applying for your Certificate of Entry (COE).

The booking process itself is ever-changing and there are details subject to each location you are applying from. In the case of Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok, the steps are as follows.

  1. Complete a pre-screening test about any medical pre-conditions as required by Bangkok Hospital. The reservations team will provide a link.
  2. Send the reservation team a copy of the following documents:
    • Provide a photo of the first page of your passport (all guests).
    • Send a copy of the Thai national ID card (for Thai nationals only).
    • Pay the initial deposit fee of 50% of your AQ package. You can either pay via wire transfer or share your preferred credit card information. For security reasons, guests can provide a phone number & convenient time for the team to call them for the details.
    • Send your flight itinerary details. These should include the point of origin and any applicable transit flights.
    • Share your address in Thailand after completing your ASQ stay.
    • Provide a copy of the medical insurance document covering all expenses for medical treatment that includes Covid-19. This needs to be valued at USD 100,000 (for non-Thai nationals).
    • Submit your Certificate of Entry (COE). It’s possible to send this over later before you start your travel journey back.

Remember to always track the status of your flights! Travel restrictions are constantly changing. However, the hotel offers a robust cancellation policy for everyone’s peace of mind.

Staying at the first quarantine hotel in Bangkok

The Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok was actually the first hotel to start the ASQ hotel model. It’s the top choice for guests with families and those who need space and access to nature. With six room types to choose from starting at 42 sqm. in size, there’s an option for every need. Even better, all rooms come with their own private balcony. Once the first Covid-19 test returns with a negative result, guests can access the popular garden. This tropical oasis spans over 1.2 acres and boasts its own waterfall area and koi pond.

As long as they adhere to the house rules, guests are free to use their daily garden walks to stretch their legs, koi-watch and more. If that’s worked up an appetite, the full-board meals will surely satisfy. Delivered three times a day, guests can choose from Western or Asian-inspired cuisine. The meals are made fresh daily, and the culinary team is constantly refreshing and expanding the menu. There is also extensive room service and snack selection, along with special menu options for those with dietary restrictions.

Activities and more

The time spent during your stay at a quarantine hotel in Bangkok can be as productive or laid-back as you want it to be. Some guests will need to stay on top of their work obligations, which is a breeze thanks to the hotel’s high-speed Wifi. Spacious rooms mean it’s also easy to create clear work and leisure zones in your area, helping with mental health and stress management.

But if you’re free of work or study obligations, consider this a time to start new hobbies! Indulge in reading those books you’ve been meaning to. Or, catch up on the latest TV shows. There is also the option to start a new fitness challenge. Each room comes with a complimentary yoga mat, with the suites decked out with more equipment. Guests can also rent proper fitness equipment like rowing machines and ellipticals to be set-up in their room. It’s time to crush those fitness goals!

Make the most of your choice of quarantine hotel in Bangkok and come out of the experience well-rested and ready to enjoy the comforts of home.

Things to do during your Quarantine in Bangkok stay

At Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok, the guest rooms are spacious enough for work and play. To keep active, every guest upon arrival receives a healthy activity booklet with special stretches and work-out suggestions. Depending on the room type booked, guests can make use of their complimentary fitness equipment, with a yoga mat available in every room. Guests in the Wellness Suite and above can further enjoy a stability ball, exercise bands and a foam roller. Stay updated on world events or read up for pleasure with over 7,000 newspapers and magazines available for free via the PressReader application.

In the mood for more? We are pleased to offer additional services at friendly prices to enhance your stay at our quarantine hotel in Bangkok, such as:

  • Microwave
  • Capsule coffee machine
  • Tailored laundry packages
  • An expanded fitness equipment selection that includes spinning bikes, rowing machines and more.

Ask our reservations team at resort.bdms.reservation@movenpick.com for more information if you are interested in adding any items. All items require advance booking via our reservation team and are subject to availability.

Quarantine Hotel Facilities

Terms & conditions

This Alternative State Quarantine hotel package is subject to government established regulations for the 7 | 10| 14 days health observation for all arrivals to the Kingdom of Thailand, inclusive the seclusion in the room during the entire stay. Additional charges for hospital stays or services beyond the package offerings may apply.


Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok
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