Retreat Programmes at Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok

Wellness Programmes

“Your sustainable wellness being here”


Guests staying at Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok are in the best location to avail themselves of the BDMS Wellness clinic‘s renowned service. It is the latest of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services group’s centres of medical excellence and applies world-leading therapies and technologies to treat an illness’ cause, instead of the symptoms.


In-depth understanding and support is at the heart of the BDMS Wellness clinic’s mission, with a team of trained nurses and professional administrators ready to support every patient and their families. To make each treatment as convenient as possible, multilingual team members are on hand to attend to guest needs.




  • anti-aging-retreat

    Anti-Aging Retreat

    With the world-class services by BDMS Wellness Clinic and Swiss hospitality of the Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok, we invite you to rejuvenate and recharge with our “Anti-Aging...

  • healthy-renew-retreat

    Healthy Renew Retreat

    At Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok, we invite you to rejuvenate and recharge with our “Healthy Renew Retreat” Package, specifically designed to allow you to rest, revive and help...

  • sleep-retreat

    Sleep Retreat

    Are you tired of feeling exhausted every morning because of a restless night's sleep? Our sleep retreat package can help determine the cause of your snoring and provide solutions to get your...

  • weight-loss-retreat

    Weight Loss Retreat

    At Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort, our weight loss retreat program offers a safe, sustainable and long term solution for you to achieve and maintain healthy body weight. This program is...

  • ceo-executives-retreat

    CEO & Executives Retreat

    Take a moment to reflect, you may be feeling the pressure and demands of Executive life. It could be time for you to engage in our CEO & Executives Retreat Program. Engage with our team of...


Special Offers

  • nourish-party-set

    Nourish Party Set

    Get ready to indulge in the ultimate weekend delight! We introduced you Nourish Party Set where delectable flavors meet fantastic company. Enjoy our party set of 4 - dishes of...

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