Bangkok hotel near wellness center

Hotel near wellness centre

Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok is the premier hotel near wellness centre in Bangkok. Simply put, “health is wealth” and wellness is becoming an increasingly mainstream concept. With holistic health as the end goal, there is rising interest in wellness as a comprehensive lifestyle. It makes sense that those wellness-seekers will prefer suitable accommodation when they travel.

Hotel near wellness centre

Your tranquil respite in the city centre

The resort is located close to major transit hubs and easily accessible from both major airports. It will reduce the travel time and you will have more time to relax. Eight different room types offer ample choice for discerning tastes. Guests seeking the best of a hotel near the wellness centre can enjoy spacious interiors and elegant design. Every element has been designed with the guest’s well-being in mind, along with modern must-have perks like high-speed wifi.

Hotel near wellness centre for everyone

  • For couples: One of the greatest investments a couple can make is for their own health. Guests can enjoy the use of complimentary fitness equipment during their stay. Superior and Deluxe rooms come with a yoga mat included. Wellness Suites and above add stability balls and resistance bands. Sleep health is equally important! Guests can make full use of the Zenergy Sleep Therapy speaker during their stay, with the choice of soothing lights or white noise options. We recommend the Wellness Sleep suite as another choice. The signature Your bed guarantees a restful night’s sleep. Guests can tailor the matters to individual preferences. Another memorable way to bond on break is to attend one of the complimentary wellness classes conducted in the garden.
  • For families: Wellness is for all ages! The resort offers generously sized suites starting at 74 square meters. Besides the comfortable bed, there are separate living areas and an extra powder room available. There are even two-bedroom Wellness suites available. For true indulgence, the 164 square meter Royal suite will surely give everyone room to unwind. All suites further come with Executive Lounge privileges as well.

Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok’s facilities and grounds are tailored towards promoting well-being. A stroll in the 1.2 acres of tropical garden or a dip in the pool works wonders on one’s mood. The private waterfall corner and koi pond is another popular spot to observe the vibrant fish, or let the sound of water soothe the senses.

Bangkok’s leading hotel near wellness centre

Time while on holiday is extra precious. By being directly connected to the BDMS Wellness Clinic building, guests are minutes away. BDMS is one of the largest, most prestigious private hospital networks in the world. With the creation of BDMS Wellness Clinic, their aim is to focus on health programs tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Preventative “Wellcare”

At the heart of BDMS Wellness Clinic’s mission is preventative care. Ten clinics are staffed with internationally-trained physicians ready to provide appropriate advice to each guest. The following disciplines are represented:

  • Regenerative Wellness Clinic
  • Musculoskeletal & Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Brain Wellness Clinic
  • Preventative Cardiology Clinic
  • Digestive Wellness Clinic
  • Fertility Wellness Clinic
  • Women’s Wellness Clinic
  • Aesthetic Wellness Clinic
  • Hair Wellness Clinic

BDMS Wellness Clinic

Guests can easily book appointments with their chosen experts, with multi-lingual support provided. All elements are present to best reach the goal of predicting and preventing potential health issues for enhanced quality of life.

Wellness through F&B

Staying at a hotel near the wellness center doesn’t mean foregoing delicious meals! On the contrary, Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok’s culinary team believes in nourishing the soul by treating the body to quality cuisine. Balance is key, so delightful “naughty” indulgences are never far behind the health-focused menu items. Each guest can make their best nutrition choices during their stay. From clear descriptions in the menus to healthy versions of familiar dishes in all of the five F&B outlets, it’s all about bringing joy to healthy eating.

wellness food and beverage

Discovering Bangkok at your own pace from our Hotel near the wellness centre

Once reenergized from staying at the best hotel near the wellness center in Bangkok, guests are ready to explore. They can easily continue their wellness journey by discovering the city’s sights. Attain spiritual well-being at traditional Thai temples or famous shrines, or experience more of nature in the big city. Lumpini Park, a beloved green spot in the city, is only a few minutes away by taxi. Venture out further for day trips along the riverside. Wellness can also be brought home, with appealing Thai spa products and amenities available as tangible keepsakes at every shopping center.

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