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Chatuchak Market

Explore Bangkok’s Vibrant Culture at Chatuchak Market


Located in the heart of Bangkok, Chatuchak Market is one of the most famous markets in the world. With over 15,000 stalls, this lively marketplace brings together locals and tourists alike who come to barter for goods or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Getting to Chatuchak Market from Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok is easy. You can take the BTS Skytrain from Phloen Chit Station to Mo Chit Station or, alternatively, a taxi ride from the hotel will take around 20 minutes.

The market opens every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm, making it the perfect way to spend a day in Bangkok. Here are the top 10 things to do at Chatuchak Market

1. Shop for clothing and accessories

With over 8,000 stalls selling everything from vintage clothing and handcrafted jewellery to designer apparel, Chatuchak Market is a paradise for fashion enthusiasts.

Where to shopping in Bangkok

2. Buy unique souvenirs

Take a piece of Thailand home with you by checking out the various souvenir stalls at Chatuchak Market. From ceramics and textiles to handicrafts and artwork, you’ll find plenty of items to choose from.

3. Sample local food

With over 2,000 food stalls, Chatuchak Market offers delicious street food that you won’t find anywhere else. Try some of the market’s famous coconut ice cream, mango sticky rice, fried chicken or papaya salad.

4. Visit the plant section

If you are a green thumb, Chatuchak Market has an extensive plant section with exotic plants, flowers, and trees. You can decorate your home or garden with various fresh plants or rare species.

jatujak market

5. Admire the local artwork

Chatuchak also has an art section, featuring contemporary sculptures and traditional paintings by local artists. It is an exciting place for art lovers.

6. Watch a cultural dance show

Visitors can catch a glimpse of Thai culture with a traditional dance performance on some open-air stages inside the market.

7. Adopt a pet

The Market has a section dedicated to selling exotic animals such as snakes, iguanas, and birds. However, visitors must be cautious and not encourage the illegal animal trade.

8. Get a massage

After a long day of walking, treat yourself to a relaxing Thai massage at one of the many massage parlours within the market. But if you want the premium service Be Well Spa at Movenpick BDMS is and ideal place.

Thai Massage

9. Bargain for a good deal

Chatuchak Market is known for its bargaining culture. You can negotiate for a lower price, especially when purchasing multiple items. Be polite and don’t be afraid to haggle.

10. People watch and enjoy the atmosphere

Walking around the market, soaking up its vibrant and bustling atmosphere is an amazing experience. Responding to the dynamic movement, and seeing the people and products are like no other market in the world.

With so much to see and do at Chatuchak Market, it is the ultimate destination in Bangkok for tourists looking to experience the local culture of Bangkok!

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